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*Tel quel: il y a une grosse dédicace du grand frère à la deuxième de couverture.

Scarlet Silver is a little girl who wants to become a pirate?just like her aunt, Long Joan Silver. But there is one rule in the Silver house: Don?t mention pirates. That rule has been in effect ever since the day that bad luck befell Grandma Silver. She was accidentally eaten by a giant shrimp. But Scarlet still wants to be a pirate. What she loves to do best is to go treasure hunting with her treasure detector. Most of the time she doesn?t find anything valuable, but one day she discovers something that looks very much like real gold! The adventure that follows is complemented with color illustrations that are every bit as hilarious as the Silver family?s story.

McCONNELL, Sarah: Don't mention Pirates 9780340893449


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