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It is late November, and Jack and Annie are again summoned to the Magic Tree House, this time for their final mission to bring happiness in the modern world by helping a creative person to give his special gifts to the world. Their summons asks them to travel to Victorian England, taking the magical Wand of Dianthus transformed into a child's violin in a green velvet bag, to help Charles Dickens, who, depressed by the poverty and injustice of his times, finds himself unable to write.

Set down in prosperous Hyde Park, Jack and Annie hire a hansom to take them to Dicken's home nearby. As the two notice the sumptuous shops along the way, they are also surprised to see that many of the workers of Victorian England are children of their own age. Switching their prosperous "young gentlemen" dress for the ragged clothes of a pair of child chimney sweeps, Jack and Annie fake their way into Dickens' home and pretend to clean the fireplace in Dicken's own study, hoping to have a chance to speak with him.

But the famous writer is in despair. Nothing he writes pleases him, and when he sees little Jack and Annie with their sooty faces, he reacts strangely.

OSBORNE, M: Magic Tree House #44 A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time 9780375856525

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