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The bunnies are back and writing their holiday wish lists--with a little help from a bunch of baby mice. A winter's (cotton) "tail," the sequel to DEAR BUNNY, by acclaimed artist Caroline J. Church.

Bunny BFFs Tino and Teeny can't wait for the holidays! Tino wants food, flowers, and a telescope to see the stars. Teeny would like some sweet red berries and a pair of mittens to warm her paws. Each rabbit writes a wish list and pins it to the same hollow log where once upon a time they left letters for each other. But after they've hopped along, an icy gust of wind blows the wish lists--whoosh!--away. When a bunch of playful baby mice discover the notes, they're delighted to shred them into all sorts of winter toys. What will become of the bunnies' holiday wishes? (less)

MORGAN CHURCH: Bunny Wishes 9780545213707 SCHOLASTIC 2009


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