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It's been a year since Marty Preston rescued Shiloh from Judd Travers, and since then, Marty and Shiloh have been inseparable. Anywhere Marty goes, the beagle's at his side. And Judd Travers is even working to improve his reputation.
But just as townsfolk grow more accepting of him, a fire in the woods destroys many homes. Doubt, blame, and anger spread faster than the flames, flames that are fanned by a new minister, who seems fonder of fire and brimstone than love and mercy. And why are his daughters so skittish around him? And what's happened to Judd's dogs? With Christmas right around the corner, Marty has a lot of questions, and how they're answered might just take a Christmas miracle.


NAYLOR, P R: A Shiloh Christmas 9781338133318 SCHOLASTIC 2015

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