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Superdog's world seems rather limited as he's tied up to a post all day. However, on learning he'll receive a present for Christmas, Superdog tries to think what on earth it could be. Another collar, or a new post? Some merry canine friends or a cosy bed? On second thoughts, should he be wishing for a bit of freedom? Finally the parcel arrives and -it's a pair of scissors! Superdog snips himself free but-. on the next page he's back already, albeit a little sheepish. After all, it seems that Superdog is too attached to his post! Children will ponder over and adults will smile at this wry adventure which places a child's expectation of Christmas time alongside an adult's experience that sometimes what you already have is better than what you desire.

THIERRY, Raphaël: Merry Christmas a Superdog adventure 9781842704196


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